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About Us - Skyway Logistics | Liège, Luxembourg

Located in the heart of Europe



Skyway Logistics has facilities at the airports of Luxembourg (LUX) and Liège (LGG), where the company also has a huge warehouse. This central location means that it can quickly send out goods to anywhere in Europe. The port of Antwerp (see link to ‘Sea transport’), with which the company works very closely, is only 130 kilometres away.

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Many years of experience and many partners

With more than two decades’ experience in transport, Skyway Logistics employees can offer a precious combination of experience and expertise which is second to none. Not only do our staff have expert knowledge of customs regulations as well as storage and transport systems, but they also know all there is to know about technical specifications such as dimensions of many aircraft types as well as the advantages that they offer. This allows them to use up every inch of spare space in the cargo hold, so that in turn their customers get the best value for money.

The trust and the established business relationships which they have built up with partner companies worldwide, particularly in the United States, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe are the result of many years of hard work. So all you have to do is ask and they’ll find the most practical and above all the fastest solution for you.

Success built on quality of service

Ever since the company started, the one and only goal for our employees has been: the satisfaction of our customers and the formula for this is a customer relationship based on outstanding service and trust. We never forget our values of transparency and honesty in the service we provide to our customers day in, day out. When it comes to our work, we do everything possible to be flexible and proactive, and to keep our customers informed at all times. What’s more, when you choose us, you’ll only ever have one person dedicated to your account who will be in contact with you at every stage of your transport.